Giving Back

Zenzeleni Primary School

ONE Health took it upon themselves to visit one of the local under-privileged schools in Alexandria called Zenzeleni Primary School and have a little un-announced Tea Party with the two Grade R classes. Needless to say the only words I heard were Yum Yum Yum. After this visit the pupils really touched our hearts so much, we have decided to take the school under our wing and drive more charity & donations towards them throughout this year.

Oneplan health insurance helping the under-privilaged
Oneplan health insurance giving back to the community

We are proud to have been awarded a 10% Shareholding to the “I am Changing the World Trust”, ensuring that the foundation of our company is always focused on giving back to the various communities of our country We are a company that is dedicated on delivering quality healthcare and financial services to the people so that we may empower the force that drives South Africa – Human Capital

A Child in Need

We are proud to offer medical cover sponsorships to orphaned or poverty stricken children. We believe that by increasing the basic living standards of a nation, we can contribute towards true empowerment and sustainability SIDA Education Learning

Learning should be fun and interesting, we are very excited to be a part of the SIDA Education board games that teaches everything from HIV to Life Skills Give a Women Dignity

Every month, millions of women around the country suffer health risks, embarrassment and more because they do not have access to proper sanitary products – 7 million women to be exact. The associated problems range from missing significant days of school to prostitution. Unfortunately this epidemic is not widely known. We are honored to be a part of the solution. We donate Menstrual Cups to women-in-need so that we may help with their financial burden, remove related health risks and aid them reclaim their dignity

Oneplan health insurance giving back

Harties Haven Home

Harties Haven home for over 25 orphaned children, from 2 months – 20 years of age, recently received a helping hand from Oneplan. We’ve taken their health care in our hands and put them on the Oneplan Core plan. Email to find out how you can help out.