Oneplan™ Health Insurance encompasses a wide range of health insurance products, proudly developed and researched by our dynamic team. We are proud to offer these products to you not only because they are affordable but also because the cover you receive is comprehensive.
Not only have we catered for those who previously could not afford health cover, we have even compiled cheaper options for those who can, so now you can save too. But that is still not the best part… we are also proudly the first ever in South Africa who PAY YOU before you pay your service provider. We have launched the Onecard™ Tansactional Card which operates like a debit card.

Oneplan Puts Healthcare In The Hands Of More South Africans

  • Oneplan provides a great alternative for 80% of South Africans who cannot afford traditional medical aid
  • Oneplan products are easy to understand • The claims process is uncomplicated
  • Claims can be processed within a minute using a mobile phone
  • Through a fast claims process, Oneplan helps clients get better, quickly!

Oneplan Offers Easy And Affordable Access To Healthcare, Underpinned By Innovation

  • The claims process is uncomplicated
  • Clients can use their health care provider of choice
  • The integration of the unique Onecard system and mobile claiming technology has shortened the claims process for clients
  • Oneplan provides access to funds immediately, eliminating the burden of upfront payments
  • Oneplan technology removes the need for tedious paperwork and administration
  • Oneplan is a trusted financial institution, offering clients healthcare and peace of mind
  • Underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited.

Oneplan Is Challenging The Status Quo In The Healthcare Environment

  • Oneplan uses banking technology to empower our clients
  • Oneplan has lowered the entry barrier to viable health cover
  • Oneplan provides access to funds immediately, eliminating the burden of upfront payments
  • 40 000 clients / 6000 claims processed per month
  • 75% of all new clients have never had medical cover.