How Hospicash Works

Hospi Cash includes Accidental Disability Cover and Death Cover (For Principal Insured only)


If you are admitted to hospital, notify us via email on or contact us via fax 086 566 1749 or call 010 001 0141.


  • The name of the medical facility
  • The name and contact details of your Doctor
  • The reason for admission (this will be checked against international protocols).


Notification of the claim outcome will be sent to you via SMS. Your first payment will be made to you after 48 hours, thereafter, payment will be made for every complete 24 hours spent as a patient in hospital.


Technologically advanced through professional research and proudly the first of its kind in South Africa, Onecard™ Transactional Card operates in much the same manner as a debit card. It allows us to pay our clients before they pay their service provider; hence removing the need to 'claim back'. This way, account expenses are settled on the spot, making life easier and less stressful for the client. The ingenuity behind the Onecard™ Transactional Card is further revealed within the fact that it also serves as a payroll card. Thus employers are able to utilise this card within payments made to their labour forces.

The flexibility of this unique Onecard™ allows us to accommodate a wide variety of clients. Since the functionality of the Onecard™ was built in-house, we not only have the advantage of being the first to market it, but we also have the added advantage of being able to deliver solutions specialised to our client’s needs.

This unique feature’s building blocks were developed by Onecard™ Technologies and enable payroll and payment systems to function seamlessly on your desktop or on a mobile device. Aside from this, it also services our short-term insurance products by giving an edge to our claims processing.

The reversal of the 'pay then claim' criteria has enabled us to process many more claims on a daily basis; for our clients this hassle-free system makes life simpler and more enjoyable.

Onecard™ allows us to be more efficient and enables us to achieve the goal of low-cost transactions. The Onecard™ Transactional Card can be swiped at any point-of-sale device used by your service providers.