Oneplan Insurance

Oneplan Car and Household is a unique insurance product which covers your vehicle, your home contents and your all risk assets. The difference is, we let you choose and manage your premium directly from your smartphone.
With Oneplan Car and Household insurance, you have the power to choose how much cover you want and tailor your premium. You also can also turn all risk items on when you need them covered, and off when they are safe and sound.
We pay up to the amount chosen in the event of a claim, it’s a bit like being your own insurer. Get a quote now and take the leap to getting covered.

Car Insurance

Owning a car can come with a lot of unexpected surprises and costs. Which is why Oneplan car insurance offers tailor-made cover options to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that you can afford to insure your car at a price that suits your wallet.

Examples of vehicles we will cover:

  • A motor vehicle privately used, including minibuses, SUVs, station wagons, self-propelled motor homes (motorised caravans) and passenger-carrying vehicles designed with the capacity to seat no more than 7 people including the driver and not having a gross vehicle mass of more than 3,500kg;

The cover provided is for loss of or damage to the vehicle, its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon.

The cover is based on an all risk basis, subject to the exclusions and General Exceptions, therefore if it is not excluded it is covered.

Household Insurance

We know that building a household takes time and money, and believe that covering your contents that matter most should be easy and affordable. Which is why Oneplan Household Insurance lets you decide how much you would like to be covered for.

Examples of what we will cover:

  • Household goods and personal belongings inside the home for which you are responsible.
  • Fixtures and fittings inside the home that you own or for which you are legally responsible.

Household Contents Exclude:

  • Any household goods and personal belonging that you take away from your home, or which are more specifically insured (for examples under Household Content);
  • Landlord’s fixtures and fittings;
  • Motor vehicles, trailers, caravans (but we cover scale models of motor vehicles);
  • Ride-on lawn mowers;
  • Watercraft except for canoes, kayaks (but we cover models of watercraft);
  • Aircraft and their accessories (but we cover models of aircraft);
  • Pets and other animals. (We do cover your pet's health under our Oneplan Pet Insurance product click here to get more info: Oneplan Pet Insurance )

ON-THE-GO Insurance with Oneplan

Oneplan’s On-The-Go insurance allows you to conveniently protect and cover your favourite things while on the move. It’s important to note that in order to qualify for the Oneplan On-The-Go policy you must currently be a Oneplan client with an active Oneplan policy.
The On-The-Go Insurance Policy is a unique insurance product which covers the assets that you take away from your home. The All Risk (On the Go) policy is a value-added product which may be selected should you have an active Oneplan Health, Oneplan Pet, Oneplan Car and or Household Policy. The On-the-Go Policy lets you turn your cover on when you need it and off when you don’t.

Examples of items that we will cover:

  • Handbags, briefcases and similar items, and anything they contain;
  • Clothing & Leather Clothes;
  • Items you would normally wear or carry, including sports equipment you own or are legally responsible for;
  • Baby push carts and car seats.
  • Pedal cycles (for example a bicycle);
  • Wheelchairs;
  • Musical instruments. We will cover these items if you use them only for a hobby or part-time income;
  • Removable car sound reproduction and audiovisual devices including accessories installed in any vehicle;
  • Cameras and photographic equipment. We will cover these items if you use them only for a hobby or part-time income.;
  • GPS devices;
  • Electronic games and sound or audiovisual recording equipment and their accessories (including video recorders, camcorders, Playstation and Wii);
  • Camping equipment (list to be provided);
  • Fishing equipment (list to be provided);
  • Horse riding equipment (list to be provided);
  • Hang gliders, parachutes and windsurfers;
  • Canoes, sailboards, surfboards, and kite boards;
  • Diving Equipment (list to be provided);
  • Caravan and trailer contents, including camper trailers;
  • Portable computer equipment and accessories (such as laptops and palm tops, iPads and tablets).

The following items are not covered by Oneplan under the On-The-Go section:

  • Vehicles, watercraft and aircraft;
  • Sporting equipment whilst in use, other than golf clubs or pedal cycles whilst taking part in social trail runs. We do not provide cover if you are a professional golf player or cyclist.

The following items inside caravans and trailers at the time of the theft, accidental loss or damage:

  • a. Fixtures and fittings;
  • b. Side tents;
  • c. Cash;
  • d. Tools, goods and samples in connection with any trade or business; and
  • e. Jewellery and Watches.